Personalised Towels for Every Family Member

Bath robe-towel

Struggling for gift ideas? At Towels R Us we offer a wide range of towels and bathrobes that can be personalised to make the perfect present. Check out the great ideas below:


Snapbacks have seen a resurgence in recent years. Our simple classic baseball cap with its 3D embroidery and freestyle font style will give your child the added edge in cool. Customising a gifted hat will make it a one-of-a-kind item. Perhaps embroider the name of your child’s favourite sport, or help them start branding themselves by embroidering initials or a nickname. When in doubt you can always embroider ‘I Love Mum’ to ensure that it’s a gift he’ll keep forever.

Grandparents or Parents

Robes are one of the most comfortable and cosy pieces of clothing that a person can wear. As strictly around-the-house attire, it has a homely quality that’s perfect for customisation. And seeing that the robe won’t be worn outside the house, fun personalisation is encouraged. And besides, who wouldn’t look dashing in an Egyptian cotton shawl collared bathrobe?


Every festive occasion my mother redecorates the house. She’ll hang ornaments on our front door, collect flowers and pine cones, and, for Christmas, flaunt our impressive cookie-cutter collection of snow globes. This treasure hunt of ornaments will have them popping up in the most unexpected of places. One of these places is the bathroom. On one occasion I bought my mother combed cotton hand towels with her anniversary date inscribed into the towel. Choosing how to personalise these hand towels can be fun and makes for a thoughtful, considerate gift.


Children are notorious for losing things. It really doesn’t matter the size or importance when an object is in a child’s possession it’s in a precarious position. Whenever your son or daughter leaves the house they’re taking with them things that you care much more about than they do and, being summer, perhaps they’re heading for the beach? By personalising a beach towel with your child’s name they’ll never forget which towel is theirs and are more likely to develop a meaningful attachment to it.

So take the extra time to customise your present, and really make it a warm, personal gift.



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