Entering a discount code on Towelsrus.co.uk

Discount Code – Website Tutorials

A number of people have mentioned to us that they are having issues with finding the place where you enter a discount code on the Towelsrus website when we have our sales running.

Hopefully this blog will help some of you who may be having issues.

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How to Throw a Great House-Warming Party

House-warming – personalised dressing gowns

Whether it’s your very first pad, a new home with a new partner or a move to a bigger, brighter family residence, you will want to celebrate the occasion with your nearest and dearest. Unpack that bottle-opener, track down the corkscrew, it’s time to throw a house-warming party.

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Tips for Keeping Your Towels Soft and Fluffy

Fluffy personalised bath towels

There’s nothing quite like the feel of a brand-new towel that feels soft and fresh against your skin. But as time passes and you wash it repeatedly, you may realise that the fluffy towel you once adored now looks stiff and feels rough. The good news is that you can keep the soft feel of your towels for longer by paying attention to the way you wash and dry them.

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Tips and Tricks to Impress Your House Guests

Personalised bathrobes

Whether it’s for a wedding or the holiday season, there are multiple occasions that require you to welcome one or more house guests. As they arrive on your doorsteps with gifts, it’s only natural for you to want to be a perfect host and impress them from the minute they ring the bell. Here’s how to be a gracious host and leave the best impression on your guests.

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Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Personalised towels

Spring is not just about longer and warmer days, but also about giving your home a well-deserved deep clean after you have ignored quite a few places during the winter months. While there are lots of tasks that make their way onto your spring-cleaning list, some of them are essential, so try to focus on furnishings, carpeting, appliances, and your bathroom to give your home a top-to-bottom polishing in no time.

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Unique Gifts for Him and Her to Surprise Family and Friends

Personalised bathrobes

Looking for the perfect gifts for your friends or family can be a tricky endeavour, especially when it comes for those individuals who seem to have everything. Whether you are looking for matching gifts for him and her for a wedding or Christmas, there are lots of ideas you can employ to surprise your special twosome.

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Preparing Your Bathroom for the Holidays

Preparing Your Bathroom For the Holidays

The house has been dusted, the tree has almost been put up, and the Christmas wreaths have been placed. It’s about that season and the house is shaping up nicely. During the holidays, we tend to focus on areas of the house that will see the most activity. The living room and kitchen tend to receive the most attention while the bathroom tends to be neglected. This time around, make sure that your bathroom is just as festive and prepared for its duty as the rest of the house.
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Towels; One of My Favourite Christmas Gifts

Personalised handtowels this Christmas

So you’ve invited auntie Faye, uncle Don, first cousin Ron, half-sister Tina, your second nephew thrice removed who’s name you can’t remember. This year is going to be your biggest Christmas party yet, and even though it’s still only November, you’re going to have to start shopping in order to crate the magical night you have in mind.
Personalised gifts are usually reserved for your closest circle, but this year you want to give a gift that’s special, even if you can’t remember your nephew’s name it’s on a list somewhere. To help you find that special something, here are some gift ideas to make this Christmas an unforgettable celebration for everyone in the family.

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How to Beat the Christmas Shopping Rush

How to Beat the Holiday Shopping Rush

It’s October and your neighbour already has Christmas lights hanging over the front door. A rogue Father Christmas is promoting a charity event, and the all-year Christmas shop has people queuing to get their hands on the latest Star Wars Christmas tree decorations.

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How to Keep Your Bathrobe Clean and Fluffy

Personalised robe

Bathrobes are the puffy, insulating companions that provide us with the warmth and comfort that we crave in our homes. But as we know, through time almost all garments, robes and towels lose their fluff and become a shadow of their previous selves. To keep your bathrobe looking ageless follow these preservation tips.

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