How to Throw a Great House-Warming Party

House-warming – personalised dressing gowns

Whether it’s your very first pad, a new home with a new partner or a move to a bigger, brighter family residence, you will want to celebrate the occasion with your nearest and dearest. Unpack that bottle-opener, track down the corkscrew, it’s time to throw a house-warming party.

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How to Spot High-Quality Towel

Find soft, luxurious towels with these tips

Your towels say a lot about you. Their quality, softness and colour all play a part in expressing your personal taste and the value you place on quality and luxury in the home. Towels are used every day and they should be chosen and treated as such.

Whether you are shopping for towels to hang in the master bathroom or to tuck away for guests, use these 3 simple steps to help you buy the best quality towels your money can buy.

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Choosing the Best Colour for Your Luxury Hotel Towels

Choosing the Best Colour for Your Luxury Hotel TowelsChoosing the Best Colour for Your Luxury Hotel Towels

In hospitality, the guest experience always comes first. Happy guests are repeat customers who recommend their stay to others. A lot of work usually goes into providing guests the best, most comfortable experience, and that means attention to detail. A great hotel will offer little extras that make the stay just that extra bit more appealing.

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Bedding & Bed Linen, A Brief History In Time

People haven’t always had access to comfortable bedding. The most luxurious bed linen was reserved for the wealthiest people.

Today we tend to take our bedding for granted. Most of the bed linen we buy is good quality and good value and it’s easy to replace when we need to.

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Washing And Drying Towels

Towels are an every day part of life. There is nothing quite like stepping out of the shower or bath and wrapping yourself into a soft fluffy clean towel. Drying dishes would take forever without towels. We use towels for drying and cleaning during everyday chores, and anyone who has ever bought towels for a family can tell you they aren’t exactly cheap to replace on a regular basis.

Washing and drying towels properly can prolong their life up to five or ten years.

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Choosing The Right Towels

Choosing the right towels at the right price isn’t that easy. With so much choice on the internet, how can anyone decide which towels and at what prices are appropriate? Here’s our guide to buying the right towels.

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Linen & Cotton Care

First of all always follow the washing instructions on the label of the towel or garment. Linen and cotton just loves to be washed and ironed. The more linen is washed the softer, nicer and shinier it becomes.

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