Create The Perfect Date At Home With Luxury Towels

Date Ideas: Get Romantic, Get Pampering

Anniversary, birthday or date night, there are all sorts of occasions that are perfect for a lovely evening in with your significant other. Why not make your next date extra special by setting it up indoors? No need to make any reservations, just make the most of your very own home to show how thoughtful you are and create a romantic, pampered night in.

You know that luxurious feeling you get at a spa? Being wrapped in a soft, snug dressing gown, totally relaxed after a gorgeous massage? Well those exact same sensations can be recreated at home: it’s all about the ambiance and the detail. Rose petal-scented candles, Egyptian cotton luxury towels, lavender aromatherapy massage oil and some carefully selected music.

Warning: this date will take some preparation time, so make sure you have everything ready well ahead of the day. Also, be sure to avoid any distractions, so turn off phones and – crucially – send the kids to a sleepover.

A candlelit dinner does not have to be overly fancy unless you choose it to be, but prepare it yourself (ok, you can order in if you feel your kitchen skills are not up to scratch), and make this all about your partner – so cook their favourite dish and have a suitably tempting dessert ready, too (tiramisu, Grand Marnier truffles, chocolate lava cake). Have a bottle of red wine opened beforehand, let it breathe while you cool (or order), then enjoy your delicious meal together. And no matter how good it tastes, don’t rush it; allow time for the brain to leave all its stresses far behind.

Massage time. Having created just the right setting (lighting, aromas, music), it’s time to work those finger tips (and elbows) and give your partner the massage they deserve. You don’t have to be an expert; this close and loving physical interaction between you and your partner expresses how you feel, opens up the possibility of a luxurious evening for you both, and helps set the mood for some further pleasurable interaction later on…..

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