Gifting Towels to the Newlyweds


Among the numerous ideas and options on that lengthy wedding gift registry, you’ll be sure to find many, if not all, of the old favourites: crockery, cutlery, bedroom linens, wine glasses, picnic baskets…. of all these potential gifts, we like to think that a set of gorgeously soft luxury towels are the best for a number of excellent reasons.

  1. Variety. Typically, the bride and groom will choose an assortment of towels. This will comprise of a choice of guest towels, master bathroom towels, hand towels, face towels, bath sheets and more. Usually, more than one colour will be chosen as well. You can make the more economical decision and select a pair of bath towels. Or for someone really special, you could plump for a full set of luxurious towels as a practical yet beautiful gift.
  2. They make for lovely presentation. You can roll them into a tidy, wicker laundry basket and tie a ribbon or create a towel cake to uniquely display your gift. They also fold beautifully into gift bags and gift boxes.
  3. It’s sentimental. Yes, it might be on the registry but towels can be a wonderfully personal gift. Every time they step out of the shower or cuddle up next to the fire in their bathrobe, they’ll be reminded of you and their wonderful day.
  4. You can personalise them. The best thing? Towels can be embroidered (of course). Monogram the hand towels or the whole set. Popular ideas include the couple’s initials or their wedding date.
  5. They are practical. Everyone needs towels, that’s why they are typically on a wedding registry. You can be the guest that gives a meaningful, but practical gift to the happy couple.

A wedding represents the perfect opportunity to show how much you care and offer a gift that means something, that will be used and enjoyed, and whose quality will be felt up close.

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