Home Refinement Starts with a Luxurious Cotton Towel

Matching Towels

Designing luxurious living spaces isn’t about the big, brash and ornate. Creating an environment that oozes sophistication is about attention to detail. It’s the elegant little French country style table in the entrance way, or the red vase resting on your coffee table, placed strategically to give your pine green sofa a little extra flare. It’s those special Egyptian cotton hand towels you’ve placed in the guest bathroom to offer your dinner guests that extra level of comfort and refinement. If you are trying to create tasteful living spaces, think about themes, comfort and convenience. Here are a few design tips to help make your living spaces simple and elegant.

A pattern emerges

By themes we don’t mean moon chairs and life sized rocket ships dangling off your roof. A theme can be as simple as choosing the colours you want to work with. Think mood and season, but be careful to go light. Neutral tones are easier to work with than bold colours. Bright red living room walls will create a tense mood in a room meant for relaxation and entertainment, but a touch of red here and there should spruce things up nicely. A red picture frame or a nice vase are enough to change the feel of a space. A teal hand towel in an ivory bathroom can be enough to evoke a sense of classic style.

Comfort comes first

Comfort is the back-bone of luxury. A vintage chair you’ve discovered at an antiques fair might be well placed, but if it’s not comfortable it’s nothing more than decoration. The difference between a good shower and a great shower is that wonderful cotton bathrobe waiting for you when you get out. Comfort is more than a squishy sofa; comfort is about taking time to enjoy the space you’ve designed. Comfort is in the details, so be sure you choose materials that let you enjoy that extra moment.

Convenience is a luxury

It’s easy to get lost in design fervour and forget that a chest of drawers has a utility beyond acting as a base for your creams and perfumes, or remembering that your seating arrangement is not merely a practice in symmetry and order. The more conveniently you arrange your living spaces, the more enjoyment you’ll get out of them. Place a small cabinet in the hallway, and realise you now have a drawer in which to keep that watermarked stationary. It might not seem like much, but you don’t want anything getting in the way of comfort.

Home refinement is about designing thoughtful, comfortable spaces that are both decorative as well as easy to use. Consider the finer details, like what colour-matching towels will look best with the tiles of your bathroom. The most elegant interiors are those that work on multiple levels.



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