How to Beat the Christmas Shopping Rush

How to Beat the Holiday Shopping Rush

It’s October and your neighbour already has Christmas lights hanging over the front door. A rogue Father Christmas is promoting a charity event, and the all-year Christmas shop has people queuing to get their hands on the latest Star Wars Christmas tree decorations.

You love Christmas because it’s a time to spend with the family, but if you roll your eyes at the retail spectacle that precedes it you’re not alone. It seems like every year the festive season advertising starts a little sooner and by the time Christmas is near, most shops look like they were hit by a zombie apocalypse.

Wait. Hang on a minute. Aren’t you reading a blog on a retail site that wants to tell you about the best towels to buy for Christmas? We believe in honesty, and we don’t just want to sell our customers a product. We want to give you the best possible shopping experience.

In order to do that we would like to offer up a couple of suggestions to our shoppers who might be a little weary of all the Christmas cheer while the leaves on the trees are still green.

  • Avoid long queues and desperate shoppers by planning well ahead of time. Make a list of gifts and shop for them while the sales staff still has time to help you find what you’re looking for.
  • Shop online – there’s no need to be shoved to one side as a desperate parent reaches for the last superhero action figure on the shelf. Shopping online will also save you time, and in many cases special promotions are only available from the website.
  • Choose a personalised gift. People might be rushing to buy the latest piece of tech, but a personalised gift like a bathrobe with a special inscription can go a long way to make that person feel special, well after the holidays have passed.

You might not be able to keep your head buried beneath the sand until it’s all over and Rudolf is packed away until next year, but you can make your Christmas shopping entirely more relaxing and enjoyable.

Choose a personalised towel or bathrobe for a great gift that will stand out and be of greater value to those you care about.





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