How to Bring a Dash of Luxury into Your Bathroom on a Budget

New bathroom – bath towels

Decorating your bathroom can be costly, but the good news is that you can get a great look on a budget as well, provided you follow some smart tips that will make your space look just like in the magazines. From changing the colour palette and lightning to adding a couple of well-thought, luxurious-looking items, you can transform the look of your bathroom in no time, and no one will have to know that you were on a budget.

Redo the Entire Colour Palette of Your Bathroom

Just like in any other room of your house, it’s amazing what a new coat of paint can do to change the look of your bathroom. Opt for pastel or light colours to create a look inspired by the bathrooms of the Mediterranean, or go for darker shades for a bathroom with a more contemporary look. Look for a mildew and mould-resistant paint, both for the walls and ceiling. Even though these may seem more expensive than regular paint, you actually don’t need more than a couple of cans to cover an average-sized bathroom. Complete the look with cast-iron or old ceramic tile accents for inspiring decorative motifs.

Upgrade Your Hardware

By simply upgrading some or all the hardware in your bathroom, including the sink faucets, cabinet knobs, towel bars, or your toilet flush handle, you can change the entire look of the room. None of these are too expensive to replace, yet they can add a whole new level of style and personality to your bathroom. Think of it as jewellery dressing up an elegant outfit – these shiny hardware items have the potential to elevate an otherwise ordinary space into something completely different and special.

Change Your Towels

Old towels that have lost their fluffiness or towels in different colours that simply don’t go well with each other can ruin the aspect of your bathroom. Personalised bath towels are a great idea because they have that luxurious look and feel that shows how much you care about the little details.

Modify the Lighting

Lightning is one of the most underappreciated aspects of a bathroom, and updating it can alter the entire look of the room. The best thing is that changing the lighting does not need to be expensive. For example, you could replace all those harsh bulb strips around your vanity mirror with some stylish ones, or insert dimmable lights into the ceiling to create a feeling of tranquillity for those moments when you enjoy a long soak with the bath salts.

Say It with Mirrors

Adding a couple of new mirrors can refresh the look of your room. For example, you can make the most of space above a basin with a compact steel and plywood mirror and a shelf to store your essentials. Alternatively, add a nautical accent to your bathroom with a metallic mirror with hinge and clamp details for an authentic maritime look. If you are looking for a new makeup or shaving mirror, opt for one with lights that will bring an element of elegance to your bathroom.

Refresh Your Shower Without Changing It

Replacing your shower or tab can be an expensive affair, but you can redo it for a fraction of the price and still get amazing results. By having your old shower or bathtub professionally relined, you can save both money and time. You can also use a basic DIY refinishing kit if you don’t want the services of a professional. Refinishing is a good idea if your bathroom fixtures are made of cast iron, fibreglass or porcelain.

Add Colourful Accents

If it is not possible to make a major transformation to your bathroom, you can still update it with accents such as scented candles, new soap dispenser sets, or a laundry basket in a vibrant colour. Alternatively, look at some tasteful photos you can hang on the walls to give your bathroom a uniquely personal feel. Don’t forget about new sets of toilet mats and rugs in contrasting colours that can change the look of the room in an instant.

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