How to Spot High-Quality Towel

Find soft, luxurious towels with these tips

Your towels say a lot about you. Their quality, softness and colour all play a part in expressing your personal taste and the value you place on quality and luxury in the home. Towels are used every day and they should be chosen and treated as such.

Whether you are shopping for towels to hang in the master bathroom or to tuck away for guests, use these 3 simple steps to help you buy the best quality towels your money can buy.

Step 1

Get to know the different fibres that towels are made of. Towels are made up of many different fibres, all with their own benefits. Finding a luxury towel can be all about the fibres, after all, those fibres are the towel’s essence:

  • Turkish cotton- soft, luxurious cotton with extra-long staple gives the cotton a durable and shiny finish.
  • Egyptian cotton- made with highly absorbent and breathable extra-long staple thread. It’s grown and handpicked in Egypt. Egyptian cotton is known for producing soft, luxurious towels.
  • Bamboo- made from bamboo grass, this cotton is mildew-resistant and very soft. It’s also environmentally friendly.
  • Microcotton- a long-staple cotton that is developed in India. It’s highly absorbent and has a soft, suede-like feel.
  • Pima cotton- it’s grown in the south eastern part of the United States and it’s similar to Egyptian cotton with extra-long fibres that are of the highest quality.
  • Organic cotton- it’s grown without the use of pesticides and is therefore eco-friendly.

When you’re shopping for towels, check the tag for the fibres and contents of the towel. Don’t be fooled by towels that may something like “Made with Turkish Cotton”. While it may contain Turkish cotton, it could also contain synthetics. Find the towel that says “100% cotton”. It goes without saying that all the towels at TowelRUs are of the finest quality.

Step 2

Yarn construction is another thing you should consider when it comes to towels and their quality:

  • Ringspun- made from long and short fibres that are twisted tightly, leaving a smooth and strong, long-lasting yarn.
  • Comboed cotton- it has shorter fibres and stray pieces that are combed out. It’s a much longer process but it allows the thread to become more durable.
  • Zero-twist cotton- made using long-staple fibres.
  • Low-twist cotton- fewer twists, making it fluffier.
  • High-twist cotton- heavy and more durable.

Step 3

When you’re out shopping, look for towels with double-turned edges and double stitching. They are more durable and won’t fray as quickly.

Remember to care for your towels properly to keep the quality high and your luxury towels long-lasting. Read our blog on Towel Care to learn how to care for your towels.

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