How to Throw a Great House-Warming Party

House-warming – personalised dressing gowns

Whether it’s your very first pad, a new home with a new partner or a move to a bigger, brighter family residence, you will want to celebrate the occasion with your nearest and dearest. Unpack that bottle-opener, track down the corkscrew, it’s time to throw a house-warming party.

Don’t wait too long

A house-warming party is best thrown prior to you getting completely settled in your new home. You will certainly need to unpack some key items first and will want to make sure you have the basics in place, eg chairs, glasses etc. before inviting guests. Drinking champagne from plastic cups whilst sitting on the floor is not quite the “memorable” evening we are going for!

You may be planning some renovations to your new home and if this is the case, having a party prior to the work being done means you don’t have to be precious about the odd spilled wine or a plate of nachos and salsa upending onto the floor. You might prefer to do the place up prior to throwing a house-warming (to show your new home in all its glory), a lovely notion but consider the practicalities. You might not want 30 pairs of high-heels and heavily soled boots traipsing across your new cream carpet and you will spend more time clearing up than enjoying the night.

Dress up your new home

If you are planning to overhaul your new home prior to the house-warming you can still show it off to the best of its ability and explain your plans to your party guests. Give everywhere a thorough clean (including the windows), a room can be instantly lifted by lots of natural light. When you’re cleaning, open the windows and doors to give the place a really good airing. Light a few scented candles and find homes for your houseplants. Finally, add a few photographs to give the place a homely feel. Maybe hang some personalised dressing gowns or towels up and promote that finished, homely feel.

If your home doesn’t need much work or you are waiting until after you have updated the house prior to having a party, you will still need to prepare for the onslaught of guests. People may want to have a mooch about the new place (or you might take them on a grand tour) and one room everyone is guaranteed to visit is the bathroom. You may be fortunate to have a downstairs guest cloakroom, but if not, people will be using yours.

Whether your bathroom has been decorated or not, you will still need to give it a good going over (rubber gloves and bleach at the ready) to freshen it up for your guests. You don’t have to spend a fortune to give it a mini-makeover. If it has a groggy shower curtain replace it with a fresh new one, if the tiles or flooring is shoddy add a colourful bath mat or rug. You don’t have to showcase the place yet (you can explain it’s a work-in-progress) but it won’t hurt to add a few nice touches. Luxurious toiletries on the shelf and plush, personalised dressing gowns hanging from the peg will make a favourable impression on your guests.

Eat, drink and be merry

Lay on plenty of drinks (people usually bring their own but don’t be shy on asking people to “bring a bottle” or their favourite tipple). We’ve all been that one friend that turns up empty handed and then drinks their way through the beer, before opening the tasty looking bottle of whisky you’ve been saving. Make sure there are plenty of soft drinks for drivers (and for those who want to dilute the alcohol a little)! No-one will expect a three-course meal but finger snacks are a nice offering. Canapes always look pretty but judge your offerings by what you know your friends and family will like.

House-warming gifts

Some of your friends or family might want to buy you a small gift to celebrate the fact you have found your dream place. If it’s your first home, chances are you will have a long list of things you need or want. If you have been a homeowner for a while you might be trickier to buy for. If a friend asks you what you would like don’t be afraid to give them some ideas (you are making their life easier). So, whether its new coffee cups, those famous personalised dressing gowns again or a new Yucca for the porch, trust us: your nearest and dearest will be grateful for a nudge in the right direction.

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