Packing Preparation for the Gym

Don't allow yourself to be without your gym essentials again.

You’ve packed your gym bag and you’re now making your way to the gym – only to realise you’ve forgotten something. Whether you hit the gym in the morning before work or directing after leaving the office, it’s best if you pack your bag the night before.

Don’t allow yourself to be without your trusty water bottle or gym towel again with this list of gym must-haves.

Water bottle

Staying hydrated through your workout is extremely important. Whether you’re taking a class or getting in a quick run on the treadmill, a reusable water bottle is very beneficial. You’ll help keep your stamina up and improve your recovery time if you continue to take a few swigs of water throughout your session. Also, keep an extra unopened bottle in your gym bag just in case you leave your drink at home.

Gym towel

Sweat in your eyes is no fun and neither is leaning against the seat of a machine with sticky skin. Use your gym towel to wipe down your body and machines before pumping – it will help keep you fresh and shows consideration for other gym members. Using your own gym towel is more sanitary than opting for what the gym may provide you with, so be sure to forgo the potential allergies and other issues that one can experience from provided towels. Even better, make it a personalised gym towel so there’s no mix up in the locker room.

Extra set of clothes and socks

So you’ve just finished an intense, sweaty workout. Whether you have somewhere to be afterwards or not, an extra pair of clothing is always practical – you don’t want get into your car or onto public transport in smelly, sweaty clothing, and having just expended a lot of energy, you are especially susceptible to picking up a chill if you wear damp clothing for the way home. Also, don’t forget to pack an extra pair of gym socks – many a great pair of trainers have been ruined by a heavy, no-sock workout!


You might not have the time to shower so deodorant is a must, for obvious reasons. Buy one stick for home and another to keep in your gym bag.

Protein bar

You’d hate for all that hard work to go to waste. A protein bar (or shake) is the ideal post-workout snack. Keep a few in your gym bag for after workouts or when you’re feeling extra peckish it’ll improve your recovery time and help put that extra muscle mass exactly where you want it.

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