Personalised Bathrobes: Waffles at Breakfast

Personalised Bathrobes: Waffles at Breakfast

The waffle-weave bathrobe is a staple in the guest closets of luxury hotels, but they are now affordable enough that mid-range hotels often provide them as well. We are a supplier to the hospitality industry and know that nothing is better for a guest than luxury towels and sheets and a personalised bathrobe in our soft cotton waffle fabric.

The distinctive weave is created by having heavy gauge threads, sometimes called ropes, run vertically and horizontally to create a square pattern, with much thinner fibres woven in between. This gives the fabric enough fibre to be absorbent but enough airflow to dry quickly. Another reason that they make wonderful room amenities is that they offer the same cared-for feeling as luxury towels, but guests don’t tend to be as hard on them as they are on towels – robes don’t usually end up on a bathroom floor.

Many guests also choose to purchase hotel robes because they like them so much, so this can be a benefit to you financially and in your marketing. Personalise the robes with your name, brand colour or logo and send them out into the world to show you off.

If you aren’t in the hotel business and would feel odd having a robe with a name other than yours, don’t fret. We can create a lovely personalised bathrobe for you, too. They are the perfect accessory for relaxed summer mornings, they make for great gifts, and come in a variety of colours from aubergine to purple to lavender.

Also, children absolutely cherish something when it has their name on it; our deliciously soft Children’s Terry Cotton Hooded Bathrobes are perfect for their delicate skin, simple to wash, and the choice of bright cheerful colours is a big hit, too.

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