Preparing Your Bathroom for the Holidays

Preparing Your Bathroom For the Holidays

The house has been dusted, the tree has almost been put up, and the Christmas wreaths have been placed. It’s about that season and the house is shaping up nicely. During the holidays, we tend to focus on areas of the house that will see the most activity. The living room and kitchen tend to receive the most attention while the bathroom tends to be neglected. This time around, make sure that your bathroom is just as festive and prepared for its duty as the rest of the house.

Keep Your Laundry Under Control

We naturally expect to step into a fresh smelling bathroom with a clean floor. But with so many guests coming through the house and attention being demanded elsewhere, it’s easy for standards to slip. Give clothes in need of a wash a home in a heavy duty polyester pop up laundry basket that can easily be stored in a closet when not in use.

Provide A Clean Shower Experience

If you’re hosting Christmas or New Year’s parties, it’s likely that you’ll have family and friends from afar stay at your home. To provide those who opt to sleepover with an optimal showering experience, whip out the anti-fungal rubber bath mat. Bathrooms can quickly get humid during the winter months when people are less inclined to leave the window open, so make sure that you limit any risk of moulds wherever possible.

A Personalised Experience

If your guests are staying over for the holidays they probably have a special place in your life. Don’t fuss over what to get them this holiday season, make sure they’re nice and warm and cosy with one of our personalised bathrobes, which will make them feel at home every time they exit the shower. Who wouldn’t like a luxurious Egyptian cotton robe to wrap up in after hopping out of a hot bath?

The Soft Appeal of Egyptian Cotton

Supply guests with their own Egyptian cotton towels to curl up with during their stay. Outstanding quality can get felt in an instant, their highly durable and, even more importantly, they show off your excellent taste.



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