Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Personalised towels

Spring is not just about longer and warmer days, but also about giving your home a well-deserved deep clean after you have ignored quite a few places during the winter months. While there are lots of tasks that make their way onto your spring-cleaning list, some of them are essential, so try to focus on furnishings, carpeting, appliances, and your bathroom to give your home a top-to-bottom polishing in no time.

Clean Upholstery and Carpets

Get your carpets and upholstery ready for another year by shampooing them with a carpet cleaner and moving the furniture to cover those hidden spots that don’t get your attention over the year. Make sure all the treatments you use are safe for your carpets and upholstery by testing them first in an unobtrusive area to make sure the dyes don’t run.

Take an Inventory of Your Towels

Without the right kind of care, your towels may become a breeding ground for bacterial. There is no better time like a spring clean to make sure your towels are extra fresh. If some of your towels are looking worn and shabby, it might be a good idea to donate them and replenish our supply with new ones. This is a good time to get personalised towels to give your bathroom that extra special touch, or invest into drawers or shelves to organise your towels better.

Focus on Light Fixtures

Arm yourself with a stepladder, an all-purpose cleaner, and a polish cloth to tackle your ceiling light fixtures as well as your ceiling fans and air-conditioning. Alternatively, use an extended-reach tool to remove the dust and dirt from your lighting fixtures. Don’t forget about the desk and nightstand lamps, too.

Clean The Dishwasher and Oven

You don’t really need to wait for spring to give your dishwasher a proper clean, but this is the perfect time to kill bacteria that may have accumulated over the last months by adding a quarter-cup of bleach to a regular dish cycle. Next, put some sparkle back into the inside of your oven, too, by scrubbing it thoroughly to get ring of all those burnt-on food deposits that are not only unhygienic, but can also change the way your baked goods taste.

Give Your Refrigerator Some Attention

Spring is just the ideal time to give your fridge a clean on the outside and the inside. Perform a thorough cleaning by pulling out all of the interior shelving and washing them with warm soapy water. Next, wipe all non-removable surface with a wet sponge or microfiber cloth before putting everything back in place. This is also a great time to throw out that pesto jar you bought before Christmas.

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