Simple Ways to Personalise Your Bathroom

Personalised bathrobes

The bathroom is that room in the house that everyone uses but many overlook when it comes to showing off their style. If you want to give your bathroom that personal touch, follow these simple tips to help you brighten up your space.

Decorate the Walls

A coat of paint in your favourite colour can do wonders for your bathroom. Even better, add a touch of personal flair to the room with wall decals. Available in a huge range of styles to suit every personality, wall decals are a fantastic way to get creative in the bathroom. Decals are essentially stickers that you can easily place on the walls without doing any damage to the surface. They are also resistant to humidity and moisture, so they’re tailor-made for use in the bathroom.

Choose Personalised Towels and Bathrobes

One of the best ways to customise your bathroom is to opt for personalised bath towels and bathrobes for the entire family. Whether you decide to have your name on your bath towels or just a monogram on your personalised bathrobe, these items are sure to put your individual sense of style on display. They also make a good impression on your houseguests!

Change the Colour Scheme

If time has come to give your bathroom walls a new coat of paint, step away from the traditional white you have been employing for the last 20 years and go for a vibrant colour or a pastel hue that will add brightness to the room while expressing your personality. Choose a colour that speaks to who you are or a pattern that can really brighten up your bathroom.

Pull in Some Plants

There are lots of plants that thrive in the humid atmosphere of a bathroom while adding instant life and personality to the room. Decorating with plants is one of the best choices you have if you live in rented accommodation. Opt for a tall ficus plant that brings character to the room, or play it safe with a couple of pots by the window.

Hang a Couple of Pictures

Artwork looks great in a bathroom but you need to make sure that the high levels of moisture in the room do not damage it. Choose a striking print or some framed photos, and place them in an area that’s not too close to the shower or the tub. Make sure you ventilate the room properly to avoid any issues because of humidity.

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