Packing Preparation for the Gym

Don't allow yourself to be without your gym essentials again.

You’ve packed your gym bag and you’re now making your way to the gym – only to realise you’ve forgotten something. Whether you hit the gym in the morning before work or directing after leaving the office, it’s best if you pack your bag the night before.

Don’t allow yourself to be without your trusty water bottle or gym towel again with this list of gym must-haves.

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How to Spot High-Quality Towel

Find soft, luxurious towels with these tips

Your towels say a lot about you. Their quality, softness and colour all play a part in expressing your personal taste and the value you place on quality and luxury in the home. Towels are used every day and they should be chosen and treated as such.

Whether you are shopping for towels to hang in the master bathroom or to tuck away for guests, use these 3 simple steps to help you buy the best quality towels your money can buy.

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Kitchen Towel Stain Removal, Part 2: Blood and Chocolate

TowelsRus explains how to remove common stains from kitchen towels

TowelsRus offer charming kitchen towels, for hanging on a rack or the range and for putting on a roller. We have patterns for any décor, and while you can count on us to deliver high quality and good looks, we can’t prevent the dreaded kitchen accident. We’ve recently covered the best ways to get out oil and red wine, and now we turn to a few other substances that might end up on your towels. A top tip is to keep hydrogen peroxide in the house – unlike bleach, it won’t lift commercial dyes, so it works on organic-based stains without damaging coloured fabrics.

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Towel Care: How Often Should You Wash Your Towels

Washing your towels makes them last longer

While most people wash their towels at fairly regular intervals, there may be some linens that you should wash more often than you think. A smelly towel is a sure-fire way of telling that it’s high time to wash it, or perhaps even discard it. But with these guidelines you can significantly improve the hygiene of your linens.

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Weighty Material Matters in Luxury Towels

Weighty Material Matters in Luxury Towels

Why do we make a point of noting the weight of all our towels? Because it is an important indicator of how your towels will feel. Many, many companies market their towels as “luxury” or “hotel quality”, especially online. Read the fine print, however, and you’ll notice either the absence of a weight or a weight that, in our book, hardly puts these items in the luxury category.

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Fabric Care Symbols

A small selection of care symbols you should find on your garments and linen. This is in no way the full list, but simply a selection of common symbols we feel may help a little.