Tips and Tricks to Impress Your House Guests

Personalised bathrobes

Whether it’s for a wedding or the holiday season, there are multiple occasions that require you to welcome one or more house guests. As they arrive on your doorsteps with gifts, it’s only natural for you to want to be a perfect host and impress them from the minute they ring the bell. Here’s how to be a gracious host and leave the best impression on your guests.

First Impressions Can Make or Break a Visit

Make a great first impression and your guests will think highly of you right from the beginning. Be sure that when they arrive on your doorstep, they see a fun welcome mat and a perfectly clean front stoop. Try hanging a wreath on the door for the holidays, or arrange a couple of pot plants around the door for a laid-back, colourful décor that is sure to impress.

Next, prepare the entryway for your guests by adding a scented diffuser and maybe some fresh flowers that will let them know they are entering a light-hearted household. Also, make sure your guests have access to a wardrobe and an area where they can place their small items.

Introduce the Guests to Their Space

Your guests are likely to want to put down their luggage and retire for a quick refresh soon after they enter your home. Show them their space as soon as possible, which includes both their bedrooms and bathrooms. Make sure to set out towels and a couple of essential toiletries for them. Personalised bathrobes are an extra-special touch and always make a god impression on house guests, as do some pairs of comfortable slippers, so lay these out for them as well.

Anticipate Your House Guests’ Needs

If your guests are not familiar with the area, it is always a nice gesture to offer to show them around, or at least leave a guidebook in their room so they can decide on a couple of activities to try while they are in town.

Try to ask your guests about their sleeping preferences, and include some extra pillows and throws in case they get cold. Small touches such as water bottles by the bed and a scented candle on the nightstand are also great choices. In the morning, set up a nice breakfast with a selection of fruit, pastries, and coffee or tea.

A universal phone charger is another welcome addition, as is a travel plug if your guests come from abroad. Finally, don’t forget to provide your guests with the Wi-Fi password.

Even though it may seem like a challenge to make your overnight guests feel at home, a few extra touches here and there, a little hospitality, and a welcoming smile will make them feel truly special.

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