Towels; One of My Favourite Christmas Gifts

Personalised handtowels this Christmas

So you’ve invited auntie Faye, uncle Don, first cousin Ron, half-sister Tina, your second nephew thrice removed who’s name you can’t remember. This year is going to be your biggest Christmas party yet, and even though it’s still only November, you’re going to have to start shopping in order to crate the magical night you have in mind.
Personalised gifts are usually reserved for your closest circle, but this year you want to give a gift that’s special, even if you can’t remember your nephew’s name it’s on a list somewhere. To help you find that special something, here are some gift ideas to make this Christmas an unforgettable celebration for everyone in the family.

Feed their hearts

Food is always the way to a person’s heart, and no one is going to turn down an incredible box of truffles. But word of advice, forget the supermarket. If you want this year to be special than visit your local chocolatier. Have them decorate the chocolates with something personal like family member initials or your family insignia if you have one. Alternatively, you can easily make your own candied apples and put, and add everyone’s name in sugar bead lettering. The kids will love to help.

Warm the cockles of their hearts

If you love to knit, a sweater per person might end up being too big a project, but scarves are much appreciated on a chilly Boxing Day afternoon. Slippers are always a classic, and everyone will love a homemade woolly hat. Especially if it helps prevent the kids coming home with the flu. As a rule though, no white t-shirts (they stain too easily), and no socks! Socks are boring.

Warm, fluffy, and personal

It might not be an obvious choice at first, but just run your fingers over the soft cotton and you’ll realize that you’re staring at the perfect choice for a personalised gift. Hand towels are simple and useful; and a monogram can easily be made to order. Beyond a simple initial, you might even include a short personal message, unique to the receiver.

Personalised gifts are a great way of letting people know they matter. A personalised towel gives you the option to offer a truly unique gift to all those attending this year’s party.






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