Weighty Material Matters in Luxury Towels

Weighty Material Matters in Luxury Towels

Why do we make a point of noting the weight of all our towels? Because it is an important indicator of how your towels will feel. Many, many companies market their towels as “luxury” or “hotel quality”, especially online. Read the fine print, however, and you’ll notice either the absence of a weight or a weight that, in our book, hardly puts these items in the luxury category.

Towel weights are measured in grams per square inch, or gsm. The density of the weave is what creates the weight. You’ll often seen luxury weight listed as being between 400 and 600 gsm, and while you absolutely can buy a quality towel of 500 gsm – if it’s made from premium cotton, it will be soft and absorbent – but the luxury weight in a towel really starts at 600 gsm. That said, lighter weights do have their advantages, but at 600 gsm and above is where you’ll get that almost spongy feeling.

Combed cotton is another term you’ll want to see if you’re after luxury. Combing the cotton gets the short fibres out, leaving only the longest for a smoother finished product.

Our Boutique luxury towels are all 750 gsm, all the time. If you want something a little less dense but just as elegant and soft, look through our Chortex honeycomb collection; this beautiful 600 gsm weave makes for a slightly less dense towel, so they will dry more quickly. These items are more expensive, it’s true, but we find they’re worth it at the end of a long day and a hot bath.

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