Weird Wedding Traditions from Around the World

We’re all familiar with those classic wedding traditions, like throwing the bouquet, the first dance and the best man’s speech. But did you know that the females of the Tujia people in China are expected to cry for an hour a day the whole month before their wedding? Or that people of the Neur tribe in South Sudan believe a marriage is not complete until the woman has had two children? We’ve collected some weird and wonderful wedding traditions from around the world for your entertainment – and perhaps inspiration…

Blackening the Bride

In certain parts of Scotland the brides friends throw disgusting, smelly gunk at her before the big day. Then sometimes tie her to a tree or something. It’s ok though, sometimes the groom goes through it with her, to demonstrate how they can stick together through anything – including being literally, stuck together.

With this ring, I tree wed…

In India, Brides born when Mars and Saturn are under the 7th house (named Mangliks) are thought to be cursed, and likely to cause their husband an early death. To break the curse they must be married first…to a tree. The tree is then destroyed, breaking the curse, and the tree’s widow can go on to marry an actual person with little to no risk of accidentally killing them.

You may kiss the bride. And Groom…

In Sweden it is tradition that whenever the bride or groom leaves their table to go to the bathroom the other one gets kissed. By everyone. If the groom goes, every man at the reception gets the chance to kiss the bride, and vice versa.

Signing the Dress

In Brazil all of the single friends of the bride write their names on the inside of her dress to help them find a partner.

Pulling Some Strings…

In Chile and Peru it tradition for female guests to pull strings out of the wedding cake, each revealing a little charm – one of which is a wedding band. Whoever gets this will be the next to get married.

A whale’s tooth.

In Fiji, men are expected to bring their father in law the tooth of a whale when asking for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Whale’s teeth are commonly found inside whales, the largest mammal on the planet. Which is in turn, often found in the ocean. Good luck, men of Fiji – we’ll stick with a pint and a handshake.

Away with the Fairies

When the bride and groom dance in Ireland it is imperative that the bride’s feet stay on the floor. Why? Because fairies are evil and like to steal beautiful things, and if she’s not touching the ground the fairies will be able to take her. Because she’s beautiful. Take it as a compliment

Cupid’s arrow

Back to China, specifically Yugar culture, where tradition dictates that the groom shoot the bride with a bow and arrow before the big day. Three times. To be fair, they don’t have arrowheads, but anyone who’s been shot with a bb gun, or even taken a Nerf dart to the face knows how unpleasant being shot is, even with a dull object. Once the bride has been shot a few times, the groom breaks the arrows, signifying that they will love each other forever, somehow.

Feeling inspired? Yeah…us neither.

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