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Children's Towels

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Kids, as well as adults, love snuggling down into the warmth and comfort of a well-made towel. Constructed from high quality 100% Egyptian cotton with 550gsm, these supremely comfortable children’s towels are sure to be kind to delicate skin.

Cocoon them in head-to-toe comfort. Thanks to the generous sizing of our children’s towels, kids will love being swaddled in warmth after a swimming lesson, at the beach or after a sleepy pre-bedtime bath. The super absorbent construction of these pieces wick moisture away from the skin while keeping them cosily enveloped.

Personalised Children’s Towels

Nobody likes to feel a chill on their skin after a hot bath or shower. This is why the feather-soft warmth of our personalised children’s towels is sure to delight the smaller members of the household. As all our products are available in a wide range of colours, you can start by picking their favourite colour.

Then, add an extra special touch by having a cartoon, graphic or their name embroidered onto the piece using our personalisation service. This little detail won’t go unnoticed - they’ll love having their own personalised children’s towel, which could make getting them ready for bath time a whole lot easier!