Personalised Bath Towels

Personalised Bath Towels help make your bathroom the haven it's meant to be. The bath towels match the hand towels which match the interior design. This is all well and good, but at 8am on a Monday morning, when everybody is fighting for bathroom space and dry towels, colour coordination seem a little impossible to achieve. That's where our personalised towels can help.

We can personalise any of the bath towels in our range, so you can keep your colour theme but make sure you know whose towel is whose. Send us a digital file with your chosen image, logo, or text, and we will embroider your design for you.

You might want to embroider your names in your favourite colours, pick one of 500 different designs or send us one of your own. It can be as discreet or as bold as you like and you can play around with the size and location of your chosen motifs until it looks just right. No need to compromise on quality either, the personalisation service is available on our luxurious Egyptian cotton and boutique ranges too.

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