Personalised Hand Towels

Are you bored of seeing the same plain old towels in every colour? We understand you might want to reflect your personality as part of your home. Hand towels are on show constantly in your bathroom and can easily become part of your interior design whilst still having all the functionality of an ordinary towel.

Don’t settle for anything less than a fully personalised bathroom towel set with matching bath towels and sheets available. Whether you want script like writing embroidered onto your hand towel or an image that means something to you or a loved one, your guests won’t think that these are any old towels. Customise our hand towels with a favourite image, a mantra you particularly live by, or an anniversary message as a gift for a loved one.

As businesses we're not lacking in ways to get our message out there these days. Businesses can bombard their customers with e-mails, tout their wares on the back of buses, the side of cars, the top of buildings, cold call thousands of homes every day. But there is something to be said for subtlety. Why not try a super soft towel with your logo on as part of your campaign can become a part of everyday living.

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