Gym Towels - Sport Towels & Sweat Towels

If you’re a regular at the gym or getting it done at home, our range of high quality gym towels, sport towels & sweat towels are the perfect addition to your gym kit! Choose from our every popular 100% cotton terry towelling sweat towels, traditional and highly absorbent but gentle on the skin for use after an intense workout, sport or gym session. Also choose our microfibre gym towel, complete with accessories pocket for key/gym tag and headphones. Try out PVA cooling towel, just dampen and apply for instant relief after an intense gym session. High quality sweat towels, purchase plain or customise with a name for a beautiful gift. All our gym towels can also be branded, please contact us for branding options.

Personalised Gym & Sports Towels

Personalise your sports & gym towels with your name, logo, custom prints and/or inspirational/motivational message.

For some people sport is not just something you do to keep fit, it's a passion, a way of life, but sometimes it can be hard to keep spirits up during a gruelling work out. Our selection of Motivational Towels are embroidered with inspirational phrases and quotes to keep up the level of enthusiasm and keep you motivated during an intense session. An embroidered name, phrase or motif can be added for a personal touch.

Sports and Gym Towels Help Bring Out Your Inner Athletic Performer

After a heavy workout, it feels luxurious to reach for a towel that is heavier in weight than a standard towel, and one that is also plusher and more absorbent. You want to know that you'll leave the gym feeling refreshed and completely clean. Gym towels from Duncan Stewart Textiles LTD weigh an average of 500 to 550 GSM (Grams per square meter), compared to a standard towel weight of about 200 to 350. This extra weight ensures that you'll get the maximum drying power and that these high-quality sport towels will last through years of use and laundering.

Gym Enthusiasts Love Using Heavy-Duty Personalised Sports Towels

Sports enthusiasts who are in the gym regularly love reaching for customised and personalised sweat towels. They appreciate knowing that the personalisation differentiates their towel from all others. No one wants to reach for a towel that has been used by another athlete, for sanitary and for basic decorum reasons. Individual personalisation ensures that you always use your own towel.

Personalisation can include names, initials, sports motivational sayings, logos, or customised prints. You can rest assured that your gym towels are soft and absorbent and that they feature the superior strength of 100 percent cotton for excellent results. Men and women alike love the variety of personalised sport towels found through Towelsrus, from Duncan Stewart Textiles LTD. The heaviest workouts are covered when you know that you have a well-made, heavy weight towel waiting for you afterwards to help you cool off.

Spa Enthusiasts Are Thrilled with High-Quality Towels in Various Colours

Anyone who has ever enjoyed a luxurious, relaxing spa day knows that one of the best parts of a spa experience is to totally wrap yourself within a soft, thick and plush towel afterwards. Spa regulars appreciate the absorbency of these sweat towels and love the personalisation so they always know that they are reaching for and using their own towel.

Sporting and spa aficionados love the variety of colours and sizes of sports and spa towels. Choose from basic shades like beige, black, vanilla and white, or go for bright colors like orange, pink, purple and red. Subdued shades of green, brown, burgundy, grey and blue can help to enhance relaxation, whilst adding a new dimension of luxury to any workout or spa day.

Motivation Comes in Many Forms

For some athletes, motivation comes purely from within. For others, motivational sayings like "You've Got This," "Hustle for That Muscle" and "Refuse to Lose" give them that extra burst of energy they need to power through an intense workout. Sayings like these can be embroidered on towels to help motivate intrepid, devoted athletes, as well as those who are less serious about their sport. Everyone can use that extra little push occasionally, and personalised towels are the perfect way to get that.

Thoughtful Attributes Make Towels Convenient

Choose gym towels with handy zipper compartments to carry the essentials of today's life like car keys and cell phones. Instant cooling towels made from polyester (PVA) chamois material are perfect for cooling off after workouts. Simply get the towel wet and wring it out. Then, place it on your body for an ultimate cooling feeling. High-quality towels add a new dimension of luxury to any workout experience.

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  1. Microfibre Gym Towel
    Microfibre Gym Towel
    As low as £6.00
  2. Instant Cooling Towel
    Instant Cooling Towel
    As low as £7.95
  3. Imperial Gym Towels
    Imperial Gym Towels
    As low as £5.00
  4. Gym Towel With Zip Compartment
    Gym Towel With Zip Compartment
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  5. Aztex Deluxe Gym Towel
    Aztex Deluxe Gym Towel
    As low as £6.00
  6. I Can Do This Gym Towel
    I Can Do This Gym Towel
    As low as £12.00
  7. Beast Mode Activated Gym Towel
    Beast Mode Activated Gym Towel
    As low as £12.00
  8. Squat Till You Drop Gym Towel
    Squat Till You Drop Gym Towel
    As low as £15.00
  9. Keep Going Mummy Gym Towel
    Keep Going Mummy Gym Towel
    As low as £15.00
  10. Keep Going Daddy Gym Towel
    Keep Going Daddy Gym Towel
    As low as £15.00
  11. Born To Fight Gym Towel
    Born To Fight Gym Towel
    As low as £15.00
  12. Hakuna Masquata Gym Towel
    Hakuna Masquata Gym Towel
    As low as £15.00
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