Towel Ranges

There are things in life you need to be clued up about. To be honest, the facts behind bath towels aren’t necessarily one of them. But don’t worry we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Here at we've handpicked the softest towel ranges to ensure your bath sheets are nothing but luxurious against your bare skin when venturing out of the bath. We've thought about absorbency, the different types of cotton, the weight and the thread count, all contributing factors to giving you the perfect towel. We want you to concentrate on the nice bits: picking the right shade of blue for your colour scheme, deciding whether to go for personalised towels or choosing a texture.

We have four ranges offering various sizes of soft towels as part of each design and it's down to you to pick your level of luxury. Egyptian cotton towels are renowned for their softness; some will tell you it's the best cotton in the world. Turkish cotton towels have that natural, expensive looking shine - and they're extremely absorbent. Choose Chortex Luxury Cotton towels for a denser, textured towel designed to be durable yet soft to skin. Why not try our newest addition to our collection of towel ranges the Boutique towels? The thickest towels around with 750gsm these fluffy, weighted towels give you the motivation needed to step out of the shower on a cold day.

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