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Small details make all the difference to your customers. From a smile at the door and a complimentary drink, to perfectly soft towels and appealing décor, every part of your customers’ experience will impact their perception of your brand and their desire for a return visit.

Our wholesale massage couch covers help you make the right impression. In crisp clean white or richly coloured fabrics, our soft, luxurious couch covers set the tone for your massage, chiropractic, or physiotherapist treatments. Designed to withstand heavy use and frequent washings, our couch covers will keep your couches and clients protected in well-appointed comfort and style.

Our couch covers are available in two shapes, with or without face holes, and they have stretchable fabric and ties for the perfect fit. Our range of beautiful colours makes it easy to create the proper mood in your treatment rooms and ensure they properly reflect your company’s colours and branding.

 For treatments using oils or other liquids, we offer a range of couch covers with PVC backing. This ensures your massage table is protected from excess liquid or sweat, making clean-up between clients quick and hygienic.

Perfect for spas, salons, resorts, and physiotherapists, our wholesale couch covers are the perfect finishing touch, that little detail that your customers will remember. Plus, for larger companies or busy boutiques we offer even more generous wholesale discounts for those buying in bulk. If you have any questions or queries about our wholesale couch covers or any other products, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly staff are happy to be of assistance! We can also help you select a full collection of spa products (towels, robes, slippers, sarongs, and turbans) in coordinated colours to complete your company’s luxurious, professional look.

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